One fundamental goal of our service is to keep the amount of advertising as low as possible, to offer the most possible satisfying experience to the service users. But on the other hand, running a service like this one is cost intensive and requires some money by advertisers and sponsors too.

Would you like to advertise on Galaxiki?

Information coming soon...

The pixel banner ad

This may be the most valuable place for your ad as you can purchase an advertising space that will stay ON TOP of the sponsors page FOREVER, starting at only EUR 100.-

The 640 x 150 pixel banner ad is always displayed on top of the sponsors page, above all banners. You may purchase as many 10 x 10 pixel fields as you wish, and you tell us which ones you'd like to get (they must be available, of course) and where they shall point to (valid URL). Fill your pixel fields with whatever content you like, and we'll put it online for you.

- If you pay EUR 50.- per 10 x 10 pixel field you will get your ad online for one year.
- If you pay EUR 100.- per 10 x 10 pixel field you will get your ad online forever (recommended option).

Regular 468 x 60 pixel banners

- All banners stay here FOREVER, starting at only EUR 10.- !!!
- You pay as much as you like for a lifetime ad, but the minimum is EUR 10.-.
- Those who pay the most will get listed on the top, those who pay the minimum will get listed at the bottom.
- We will display 20 banners per page, pages are automatically added as the number of ads grows.
- We will not reveal how much you paid to get your banner listed.
- You may make additional payments to improve the ranking of your banner at any time.

Rules for sponsors, advertisers

- We accept everything from everywhere, except illegal or offensive material, pornography, violence, hate and gambling.
- Sponsor banners are hosted on the sponsor's server, the sponsor provides us the URL of the banner and the link URL.
- The sponsor is allowed to change the banner, but the link URL always remains the same.
- Putting new ads or banners online, or updating banner rankings may take up to 3 business days.

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