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The Knowledge Base contains valuable information for all site users as well as for site visitors. This includes information about:
  • Galaxiki itself and how to use the site,
  • Solar Systems with interesting stories (you may add your system(s) here too),
  • Science and Scientists plus related subjects (from astronomy to particle physics),
  • Science Fiction authors, books and movies,
  • as well as anything else...
Galaxiki is a wiki based science fiction and fantasy galaxy: each star, each planet and each moon is represented by a wiki page that can be edited by users. Membership is free, Sign up now to start editing stars, planets and moons.


is the 5. planet in the Nun Ziv (VDJ503) system

written by rodenbough

The Lycothian people are, to say the least, unique. They resemble the typical Hominid during the day light hours and evening. It is only during the late night and early morning that their peculiarity shows. as the night deepens their true form appears in animal form: Dog,wolf or whatever mammal of the order Carnivore they happen to be. Contacts among the locals attest to were-bears, were-cats, were-foxes, along werewolves and were-coyotes; the locals themselves are were-dogs. Their culture at best, is Medieval, the most advanced are townfolk who have a local monarchial system of Government. They have a multi tiered aristocracy and class system ranging from Royalty to serfs established in a feudal system. The lowerclasses consists of serfs, ...

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A quite unique science fiction wiki

Galaxiki is a completely new kind of science fiction and fantasy wiki, as it's a complete galaxy with millions of stars, planets and moons that are all represented by wiki pages. It's a collaborative community website where all users can help to fill the galaxy with life.

A wiki is software that allows users to create, edit, and link web pages easily, and one of the best known wikis is Wikipedia. Just as Wikipedia allows to edit articles, Galaxiki allows to edit stars, planets and moons. In fact you may consider each object in our science fiction galaxy to be one editable article:

  • You can name a star, and also name all of its planets and moons
  • You can edit physical properties of planets and moons (to some degree)
  • You can write articles and stories, describing planets and their histories for example

One of the most interesting points is that your work doesn't have to be isolated. In general we'd like to follow common physical rules, but as this is a science fiction site some physical rules can be broken, and that's how it's allowed to travel faster than light in our galaxy. Which means that species from different planets and solar systems can meet, and users have to take care to keep the entire histories and stories consistent.

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