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Planet Lorz 3 in system Lyxan 195 (LCH788)

    Azeenia   Dypina 1 L195   Siberooz   Dypina 2 L195   Dypina 3 L195  

Lorz 3

The Lorzeens are a highly developed race who are capable of combining organic and technology or Orgteks. Born organic and gradually grafted with technology over their life they have the advantage of being faster, stronger and smarter while some Lorzeens do possess a range of different psychic powers. Other aliens have come to the Lorzeens to be enhanced or for special orders. It is highly costly and risky for aliens to have techno implants as a micro computer has to be implanted in to the brain and wired to the nervous system.

The Lorzeen collective are now redirecting in upgrading their sensor technology in finding more gates or evidence of the missing probes that have not returned. New information about these portals and network is being upgraded with each probe's return and where they have emerged in the regions of the galaxy. A major task in redirection materials to Lyxan Gate 1 to build a fortified based is underway. This new base will act as the control center for the network and designed to ensure that they alone will have control.

With the return of five probes the Lorzeens are learning more about what exist out side this quadrant of the galaxy.

A new science has been added into the study of blackhole gates and what it will take to create them.

This planet has 2 moons:
Psynos Research into aquatech for sea life forms.
Technos A moon covered in super computers for the Lorzeen archives.


Planetary Orbits


User 'dragonspice' updated this system october 14, 2012.
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