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Planet iCe in system iQ (NJH150)

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Thousands upon thousands of Offceasians took to the streets in protest. Gathering at the gates of the Believers' compound of buildings and the home of iStani The Tall. They demanded answers. They demanded blessings. They demanded it all to cease.

Seemingly for the first time in memory or its history, the inner circle had no control over the events, neither the mass demonstrations or the astronomical happenings. Its propaganda machine ordered the media to make light of the events, and the damages and loss of life went unreported.

It would made the task of squashing the rebellion easy had individuals taken a leadership role and stepped forward, but it was not to be. There were no signs of organization, there was no leader who could easily be annihilated. There was little they could do to get control of the situation, the likely answer would be to just wait it all out. Eventually, the meteor showers would diminish and iQ would cease its fluctuations and everything would return to normal. That seemed the right solution...continue the positive spin ("Godstar loves you"), and promising restitution for all damages would certainly appease most...

With their world on fire, the Offceasians' demands grew louder and the protester's numbers became even larger. As each starset brought another display of fire and bombardment, their concerns strengthened. The unsuspected blast occurring during the daytime rattled the Offceasians' nerves and the smoke/ash was a constant reminder of the dangers upon them.

So, it came to be, iStani The Tall with his inner circle surrounding him, announced (with great fanfare and media coverage) the decision to revive the old custom of living sacrifice. The Godstar demanded further proof of their faith for iStani had received this information in an apparition. Godstar had taken the form of a ghostly spirit and came to iStani in a dream.

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This planet has 4 moons:
NJH150.3.1 (no information available yet)
NJH150.3.2 (no information available yet)
NJH150.3.3 (no information available yet)
NJH150.3.4 (no information available yet)


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This solar system belongs to user 'dakotastrange'.


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