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Planet in system Valeon Arae (TAE575)

Valeon Arae

yellow giant star


Tandidion is a massive terrestrial planet, on an orbit about 102106*106 km from its star. Its' radius is 16085 km, its' mass is 21332. One year on Tandidion lasts 651 earth days, one day on Tandidion lasts 7 earth hours. Its' average surface temperature is 299, and it has 5 moons.

Tandidion, the first planet in this system, may feature life forms. Its average temperature is 299K (26C) and it's atmosphere contains 24% of oxygen. One year on Tandidion lasts 651 days, one day lasts 7 hours. It's diameter is 32170 km, 2.5 times the diameter of the Earth.

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