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Esperan (SJH458)


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wert's page

 Welcome to the nerve centre of my brain.

9/12/2010: After a long period in hibernation I awoke. Through the capsule walls I could see the Galaxiki much as I had left it. Messy. I decided to leave the pod and resume my quest.

04/04/2012: Wow its been a long time since I did any updating of this homepage! I wish I could say I've been busy.




 WARNING- The timeline below is very wrong and is kept here because I don't have the heart to delete it.

Timeline of the Zionite (ζιον) race.

2034 PRE (Pre-republic era) Zionites move to Zion to escape expanding sun. Monarchic governemnt still in place. 

24 PRE-1 RE 1st Rebellion Tybalto Arneold Lucifer leads a army against the Monarch-Lord Gabriel  

1 RE (Republic era) Treaty of Giaash. Gabriel killed. Republic set up under Tybalto Lucifer.

0-46 RE Republic war. Monarchic elements fight the Republican forces 

 347 RE Fist faster than light craft (FTL1) perfected by Zionites.

c400-503 RE Gradual increasing power of the CZP (Communist Zion Party)

503 RE The 2nd Rebellion. CZP seize control Seraph-Emperor post replaces that of President. Republic effectively abolished. First Emperor Barron Gradrius.

535-564 RE Seraph Rebellion. Republican Zionites fight the Imperials.

564 RE Battle of Zion. Republican forces destroyed. Small amount of Rebel forces escape. 

892 RE Declaration of Empire declared fleet goes forth to other worlds to build the Empire of Zion.

1134 RE Iron Fist instated as Lord-Field-Marshall

1135-1167 RE The Zion Conflict

1168 RE Formation of GATO. The Zionite Empire is a founding member.

11671 RE Thantos Bane becomes Emperor

1178-1201 RE Second Zion Conflict

1202 RE Thant dissapears Garridus made Emperor

1221 Atempted Assasination of Kier Serwen, Vengaence War Begins.

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