Phoenix 2 (VDD680)

Conundrum (VEE234)

Lunaris (PJK124)

Valacanii (VFA520)

Shere Temmin (PJK132)

Khan Tarum (PJK136)

Belcharae Callae (RCG059)


Ragnaroon (PFK318), Lyxan 301 (TJG458), Perfkin (PFK306), Lyxarin (RFC902), Leporis Tau (NGD216), Tforgruxq (NGH548), Vankurt (PHK070), Pumaron (PKE268), Tiraenal (LGD533), Persimeaw (PHE012), Tyleon (PJK153), Lyxan Base AH 01 (NJF227), PED Test Site B (LEE390), PED Test Site A (LDF300), Vermeaw (PGE070), Lyxan Base 1R (QCD836), Someawli (PGK065), LX WTR 05 (QAH981), Purrlogie (PHK184), aserina-unias (QCD698), Brumphric (SGG518), Eearppahh (QBJ544), Kasrian (QGB354), Point B (QBD255), Furrulees (PKK383), Purrgragan (PGK014), Ambush at Belchaire (PBE951), Invasion of the Serpendar (QAC059), Lyxan Hydja (NEG911), Albger (PKK392), Talgoth (SFF613), RBB145 (RBB145), Lyxan Base 4R (RJE576), Furragdul (PFK297), Ae Qour (QJA461), Savannious (PGE058), Conundrum II (SBC638), Portal of the Ancients (VFC559), Abacata (PKK413), Catster (PGE106), Iium (VEE236), Liligon (PGJ972), Lyroco (QCK185), Leo Amuris (PHK190), Skogkattin (PHE039), Coonator (PKE235), Felidae (PGK080), Tyga Nebulosa (PJE182), Burpageddon (RKD477), Ororia (QKK253), Hades (UCF221), Enxor 1 (LKD674), Oncilla (PFE659), Urkallos (LAD818), SHah DahQ (LCH803), Hurple Belch (MJK227), Katkat (PHK166), Blink (PKA809), Catidonia (PFE620), Purrdinus (PJE179), Xiajou (PAJ885), Tyliger (PGJ948), Far Guard Relay 2 (LAE649), Nagross 5 (NGC271), MacAroon (NDK264), Irn Bru (MFE841), Pampasso (PHE102), Tuluruk (TJG797), All Spice (QJB238), Tzyxanor (TAK643), Callios (PGJ969), Margayic (PHK100), Silvestrus (PKK320), PANTH 3R (PHK055), L10 N355 (PGJ951), PUM4 (PFE590), CH33 T4H (PFE602), Port Kyrael (QBJ178), KoDach (SBC507), L30 (QCA464), BENG41 (QCA383), TYGR355 (PKE154), Gree Torr (VFA523), Cassiopurra (PJE212), Aquazarine (MJD707), MHE650, The Serpendar Incident (QDE222), Clawdeus (PKE190), Far Guard Archive (NFH453), Tygerian (PGE124), Elandias (RGD477), Felvestrus (PHE000), Djinj (PDD038), Sorrel (QAK835), Sholania Nexus (RGK009), Far Guard 4 (LAA017), Acinonyx (PGJ996), Star Flower (RGA276), Orbital Confusion (SAJ687), Jaguarundics (PKK380), Qha Xarin Mahaq (NFG097), Neofelisium (PKK305), Far Guard Relay 3 (LAA320), Lyxan Base 7R (NDG525), Phoenisis (VDB547), Far Guard 3 (LAA221), Spiced (QCA476), Kira (PJK129), Catalinus (PGK047), Felios (PJE200), Saber Fang (PKE187), Mi Aji (VFA519), TaH Lo (VFA514), Brazlon (VFA517), Dinzoy (PCJ436), Renaissance (VDC699), Olshaer (QEA659), Trinity Charm (RKF064), Felvestina (PGJ987), Blairnant (SGG020), Felemus (PKK452), Felomulus (PKK449), Purrance (PGE025), Geoffline (QCA458), Servalae (QCA422), Felvestae (PGJ999), Empori Meuyen (SGJ912), Empori Djayen (SGD494), Empori Gyyen (SFJ046), Empori Thiyen (SGD512), Empori Wanyen (SFJ049), Empori Xenyen (SFC721), Empori Primus (SFJ067), Empori Venzah (TCD662), Empori Ruzah (TBJ664), Empori Plemzah (TBJ658), Empori Neuzah (TBJ670), Empori Breezah (TBJ682), Empori Freazah (TBJ703), Empori Mirizah (TBJ673), Empori Bycon (QAK893), Empori Volcon (QAK880), Empori Tricon (QAK886), Empori Rubcon (QAK895), Bobakit (QDB045), Iriomotis (QCA359), Caracalian (PFK276), Pallisio (QBF040), Ligeren (PHE078), Tygon (QBF097), Ocelotia (QAE447), Jagaratah (PJK171), Cheetaris (PHK115), Lynxvah (QAK826), Pantherum (PHE015), Tygria (PJE164), Pumtara (PHK133), Lionza (PHK118), Cougram (PKE193), Astra Vails (PHK145), Bengalis (PJE185), Zeraphyn (TDD790), Burpzeebub (MHC595), Lyx G2 016 (RDF919), Lyx G2 097 (RFC929), Majykal (LJH827), Lightfalls (RDK054), Alvairlium (MDJ989), Far Guard Relay 1 (PAG782), Tizer (LJF658), Far Guard 2 (LAE445), Hologramis (VEG364), Ulvaltaro (RJC116), Blue Fury (MEB578), Burpee (VCH233), DeJaQ (QJD506), Lyxan 287 (LDJ801), Khans Night (PJK117), Lyxan Gate 4 (LCK906), K9 (NGE245), Lyxan Gate 3 (UFG877), Silver Sword (QHF157), Blood Axe (QAF815), UJC333 (UJC333), Golden Axe (PKF402), Plasmatic (PGC132), Times Echo (UAE416), Lyxan Relay T11 (RCJ509), Lyxan Gate 2 (REH292), Lyxan Gate 1 (LCA381), Weebroonwan (NHK902), Vazeeni (PJA954), Hot Cinnamon (UGD090), Lightstorm (PKG995), Trilucky (RGE311), Shadow Light (SAE721), Spicer (PFH095), Spicey (SJA237), Hailstorm (RGH203), Sola Scotia (SFA702), Lyxan Psy (SKC357), Freefall (QGG724), Big Eerrp (PAK638), Sarrenjento (SJA630), Vazool (PEG727), 2413 (PJF427), Lyxan Prime (QBJ556), Lyxan 47 (SGH298), Lyxan 195 (LCH788), Vanguard (TKG310), Vantage Point (VFB269), Great Belchious (QHF613), Dark Shadow (NCC521), Glessga (THJ733), Far Guard 1 (TKK715), QoVorzay (QCC609), Vortok (VKD305), Contradiction (VAE907), Sylvestrius (NGG474), Edinbergy (VGF544), Garbageguts (PEF215), Ivegotit (SAK683), Buurrp (VBK046), Zymphia (NGA093), Squatters Rights (RKE245), Sapphire (TDB855),

dragonspice's page

Cool  Greetings aliens of the galaxy!! Cool
Both the one out there and the one in here.
I am the creator of several space races that are explorers with several worlds and bases throughout the galaxy.
My main races so far -
The Belchalot - Found throughout the galaxy exploring gas giant stars.  They are an old race and mainly harmless, also traders of information and goods.  
Home system Great Belchious (QHF613).
The Lorzeens - Highly advanced cyberorganic civilization.  They seek to advance themselves in every way possible with technology, genetics and with psy powers.  This makes them extremely powerful and dangerous to mess with.  They occupy the Beta Quadrant of the galaxy with a few sparsely separated colonies and relay stations.
Home system Lyxan Prime (QBJ556).
The Qelts - From another galaxy they arrived in this one through a spacial anomaly.
Advanced in science and engineering.  Also allies of the Lorzeens they occupy a few worlds near their border.
Home system Solascotia (SFA702).  
The Far Guard Project
Designed to monitor extragalactic activity and study extragalactic aliens, ships and artifact found within this galaxy.  Several posts and relays are continually being setup around the galactic edge.
Far Guard 1 (TKK715)
Each of these races have been integrated with each other to allow some interaction.
Some minor races include the Vazii who are miners of worlds, spice traders, some space pirates and the Urh Vho galactic core predators. 
Now I am beginning to integrate them into the galaxiki's other worlds and races with the mission of finding other races belonging to other owners that are willing to have some interaction.
But wait as I have the Felienians from a very diverse solar system in its own right coming out to explore what lies beyond.
Home system Lunaris (PJK124).
To make my stars and worlds interesting I have added pictures to them that have been designed by me.  Check them out as they are pretty interesting.
Be seeing you, soon.  
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