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Geddi Star Naming System

January 15, 2012
by rodenbough

For well over a thousand years the Geddi have used a binary naming system for the stars in their system. The first component is a letter from their alphabet which had evolved from a cuneiform script. There are over sseventy letters in their alphabet from Ak to Zsuf. The second component is the name of the constellation in which the star is found from the perspective of the Geddi home world.

If a star is too dim, it is given a numeric notation instead of an alphabetical one.

Since the Geddi uses letters to write numerals (Ak To Ikh is one to nine, Juz to Ru is ten to ninety, Sed to Abiq is 100-900, Bhan to Kho is1000 to 9000, Llek to Thiy is 10,000 to 90,000 and so forth.

If the name of a Geddi system is followed by an Arabic numeral (example: Sedniak 151) Sedniak is the number 151 in the Geddi language: Sed being 100, Ni being 50 and Ak being 1. 

The brightest stars are Ak to Cu.

The intermediate stars are Diz to Ru.

Dimmer stars are Sed to Zof.

The dimmest stars are as mentioned before, given numeric designations.


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