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The main currency of the Core War nations is the DURGAT dollar which was invented as a means to promote trade between the DURGAT nations after the Core War. Although another well based currency is the Silaer, which uses everything from coins, notes and cards, to electronic plates and biometric transfer. The exchange rate between DURGAT and Silaer is 1 Silaer = 0.6 DURGAT.

Other currencies include:
  • The Zionite Pound
  • The CZS Neo-Pound
  • The Alliance Dollar (almost obsolete)

The Confederation has its own currency system:
  • Shillings (sh)
  • Farthings (f) 10s=1f
  • Florin (fl) 10f=1fl
  • Pence (p) 10fl=1p
  • Laurel (l) 10p=1L
  • Pounds (£) 10l=1£ (note placeing of sign)
  • Groat (gr) 10£=1gr
  • Guinea (g) 10gr=1g
  • Unite (u) 10g=1u
  • Sovereign (s) 10u=1s

1s currently is worth 1 DURGAT on the exchange rate. this means that a Sovereign is worth 1,000,000DURGAT dollars. This means despite the unpopularity of the Confederation currency itself, the Sovereign is common throughout regular trading space, mainly as a sort of medal (I've got enough money to mount sovereign on the wall etc). It is also easy for a person to carry around a sovereign in their pocket, rather than carrying around a large briefcase with 1,000,000 DURGAT dollars instead.

It should be worth noting since the collapse of the Confederated Nations, the disappearance of Ale Tura, the Dacoran Civil War and the degeneracy of the Canthin nations any form of unified currency as above has largely disappeared. Economies have devolved back to their original forms after the collapse of larger order.

Lorzeen Collective currencies:
  • The Lhordor
  • The Lhorpou

Each currency is subdivided into five levels using a 5 base system.

The Lorzeens use an electronically created and generated currency both within the collective and the generic galactic population. Regulated by the Financial Collective of Trade and Industry where all transactions are processed.

The Lhordor is the general currency used throughout the Lorzeen Collective, allies and traders. All manners of items can be purchased so long as it is not controlled, regulated or outlawed within sovereign states. Allies and traders use credit cards to access private accounts or preloaded.

The Lhorpou is restricted to within the Lorzeen Collective and is exclusively used by the scientific and military collectives where advanced high end tech is involved. It is illegal for another race or Lorzeens from a different collective to own or use the Lhorpou.

Rumor has it that there is a secret third currency involved known as the Psidor. A telepathic currency used within the Black Ops Collective that does not leave a physical monetary trail that can be traced. Anyone who hears or whispers anything about the Psidor quickly find unexplained memory gaps.

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